Giving away a George Foreman grill that s made for inside (not large outdoor grill). Similar to the photo, but older model. Still works, just never use it anymore and need room in my kitchen.
Nice large white ceramic vase with pink hearts. Sideways in Photo.
Re-post due to no show. From Oneida Community company, 1960s vintage. Pattern is "Ballad" (aka Country Lane 1953). Measures 24" from handle to handle x 13-1/4" wide. It's tarnished and will need to be polished, but you can see a shined-up version of it here (copy and paste the entire link if necessary):
I have 6 jars of Earths Best brand organic baby food. My little one has outgrown this phase and they are leftover. The earliest expiration date is September. I can leave them on my porch for pickup anytime. See photo for flavors.
Large rice cooker. Out of box, but honestly don t think I ve ever used it.
In need of baby girl clothes for impending child. Not working right now thanks in advance if you re able to help!
adjustable firmness queen size mattress, frame and boxspring with remote control
Candy Is a very gentle and adorable dog, she is well behaved and is also housebroken. Unfortunately due to circumstances at home I can t keep her. since she is elderly she has issues with her health but it doesn t affect her at all, she still acts like a puppy. She knows basic tricks like sit, lay down and paw.
GPS with charger and holder. Couple years old. Works fine but a little the slow.
Hi. In need of dinning set good for 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children... thanks ahead and God bless!!!
I am looking for a VCR. A DVD/VCR will work too. A video cassette player only(I saw one in 1993) will work as well.
Thanks for visiting this post. We're a not for profit elementary after school/summer program seeking previously used but still functional Chromebook for our coding program. We will gladly accept any make/model of Chromebook so long as it's still functioning. I am available to pick up from a location convenient for you. Thanks in advance!
We ordered a bed from wayfair but it came with missing pieces so they sent us a new bed. Someone handy may be able to use this. It needs two new back legs basically.
Sun, Jun 16, 2019 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 500 Pearl St, New York, NY.
Does anyone have a Keurig 2.0 and want accessories for it? This is a carafe (used once), water filter replacements (individually wrapped and sealed), a reusable cup designed for the 2.0 (brand new), and a device that cleans the pin that goes into the cup so it stays clean and clear.