minutes agoKingston, NY+86 milesItems Wanted
Could use a few 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids. They don't have to be clean, but can't have holes or cracks.
minutes agoBerlin, CT+99 milesItems Wanted
For our daughter. We have a truck to pick up, if available.
minutes agoBristol, CT+91 milesItems Wanted
Looking for approx 5 sections of fence leftover from a fence installation.TIA
I am looking a small piece of size 12" x 12" cork sheet or cork sheet for my art project. Thank you in advance.
ISO anyone who has an overstock of empty DVD cases. Can be black or assorted colors. NOT cassette cases. Thanks
We have smart machines that are temperamental and I m willing to exchange for regular working washer and/ or dryer
I like to restore old, vintage cast iron cookware (skillets, dutch ovens, muffin tins, etc.), and then gift them to family and friends. If you have any that you've been wanting to get rid of, I can take them off your hands. Condition doesn't matter much, so rust or not I'd still be interested.
ISO black or any color Empty RECTANGULAR Movie DVD cases. NOT clamshell or jewel for CD'S. Thanks
Any fully functional computer. I have an iPad that is sufficient for most things, but unfortunately there are occasions when an actual PC is required. Thanks!
todayCheshire, CT+85 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a bicycle helmet for 12 year old boy. Think he will fit in an adult helmet.
todayStamford, CT+32 milesItems Wanted
Looking for approx 5 pieces of left over fence sections from a fencing installation. Thank you
todayWestport, CT+45 milesItems Wanted
Hi. Looking for a recliner lift chair for a Veteran who has had a stroke. Thank you.
We are willing to pick up any time. This would be for our daughter and greatly appreciated.