For sale threee large beautiful koi, approx 15 years old....beautiful markings.....was told at least $1500 a fish....clearing yard would sell all 3 for best offer, can take their babies too
Its not too early to think about your garden and adding a water feature.This MacCourt pond, called the Lotus, is made a heavy black plastic. Its the right size, 100 gallons, for a starter pond, but large and deep enough, that goldfish can survive though the winter as long as it does not freeze solid. Hint keep a water pump bubbling so an air hole stays thawed, as fish otherwise can suffocate. A...
275 Gallon IBC. Tote container.Previously held heating oil. $80.275 Gallon IBC. Tote container.Previously held olive oil. $100.275 gallon IBC. Tote. Containet.Held Organic salts. Rinsed. $140.330 gallon IBC. Tote. Container. Previously held vinegar. Rinsed. $160Text Glen at .30 gallon closed top barrel $2030 gallon open top barrel $2055 gal metal or plastic barrel $2555 gal food grade mtlplc dr...
Custom made home aluminum greenhouse, Bronze annodized frame. 13-6 X 24 3Will supply all new glass. Automatic ridge vent motor, watering system, fish pond in the floor, aluminum growing benches, 12 round custom end, entry door, Will move greenhouse and reinstall at new location Greenhouse and all accessories is $ 19,000.00 Installation and moving additional. Andy