High School Prom season is coming up. Do you want a date but aren't willing to face rejection? Look no further. I will gladly serve as a prom date to high school students in the New York City metropolitan area. Below are my qualifications. Contact mmchow@middlebury.edu if interested or would like further clarification. -Female, 19 years old, college student, petite, pretty, can easily pass as a...
So, there's a group of people handing out these strange missing persons posters or something in NYCGot one in Union square. Picture included in post. Is there anyone who knows what this is? Is there really a group of people out there solving murders? Super weird. If anybody knows, contact me through the site. Ad number: #329583930 Contact: M. Harker City: Greenwich Village Zip: 10014 Price: $0
Do you want to learn and improve your English skills in 10 weeks? Register to our FREE English Classes in Long Island City and Astoria. At Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement we offer ESL English Levels for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes for FREE. New English courses begin April 17 2018. Classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.Morning Registration dates: Tuesday April 10th...
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